Mom and I live alone. She left my father when I was only 10 years old, when she caught him with his secretary. I’m 24 years old now and mom is 44. She probably looks like 35 years only, as she has always been very conscious about her looking fit and young. She is quite tall (5,10”), have heavy firm breasts (Not saggy at all), narrow waist, long legs and a round big ass, which is a treat to watch always.
We live in a mansion in NY, as her parents are quite rich. They take care of our every financial need, and therefore money has never been a topic of concern for us. Mom and I visit my grandparents once or twice a year. They live in a different state.
Life has always been cool and fun around mom, as we have always been very close. We discuss almost everything with each other. We roam around the city together, going for movies, shopping, dinners, and what not.
As we were very close, mom always knew every detail about my girlfriends through me. Whenever I’d take out a girl on a date, she’d watch me with a grin while I’d prepare for my date and would naughtily ask me to be careful, and not to do anything naughty with the girl.
She already knew I never had any sex with any of my girlfriends I had, and that I was always a gentleman. Mom and I were so frank that she’d sometimes ask me to drink beer with her at nights, but I used to be a little shy doing that around her. Although, she knew I drank with friends.
I recently had a breakup with one of my girlfriends, and was lying down in my room watching a movie on my laptop. It was a weekend and it was late in the night. Mom and I didn’t go out this weekend as I had a project to complete which I did just before the movie. We hadn’t even talked much throughout the day.
While the movie played, I received mom’s text on my phone asking me what I was doing and that she missed my company. I replied her that I was just lying on my bed.
She asked, “If you are not doing anything, you must come down and sit with me”.

I was quite tired and didn’t think I could sit and have a chitchat with mom, so I replied her, “I can’t come down mom, maybe we’ll sit together tomorrow”.
She insisted that she wanted us to sit now, and I kept on replying her that I was tired and we’ll sit together the next morning. After a little while she texted me, “pleaseeeeee honey, please sit with me only for a while, I am getting damn bored”.


I got a little annoyed and just replied her without thinking much that, “ I told you I can’t come! Please don’t disturb me as I am watching hot women on my laptop. Do not disturb please.”
She did not text me after that and I continued to watch the movie. I obviously knew that she wouldn’t consider that hot women part seriously, and would consider it as only a teasing reply from me to her, so that she’ll leave me alone for a while. Although we were very frank with each other, she never knew I watched porn and neither did we ever discuss it. Porn or sex were not very elaborately talked over topics in our house.
After about ten minutes, I received a pic on my phone from her. When I opened it, it was a random pic of a girl searched by her over the internet, in a white shirt and jeans with a hot facial expression. Mom then texted and asked me, “Would she do?”. I thought that mom too just teased me innocently by doing that.
I decided to continue the teasing game with her and wrote, “Ya, she’s good, but not as hot as I usually prefer”.


She texted back, “what do you want then?”.


I replied, “She was wearing way too many clothes, perhaps some hot thighs would be better”.


I waited for around 3,4 minutes and received another pic from her.
There was a hot girl in the pic, with hot denim shorts on with a bubbly ass and wearing a hot red sleeveless shirt. She was sitting with a very sexy pose and had her legs crossed, showing off her hot shining chubby thighs. I had a little movement in my dick seeing that pic, coz it was hot and moreover, was sent to me by my own mom.
She then texted me and asked, “better?”.


I replied, “ Ya, much better”.
She then surprisingly texted again, “What else?”.


I knew this teasing game between us would end soon by her saying “Enough” to me at one point as I progress with my sexy demands, without it being a big deal, so I thought of just checking out up until what extent she would go and therefore daringly asked, “A girl with a low neck shirt”.


I thought that “Enough”, must be just on its way, but after a couple of minutes, I received four pics one after the other. All of them had girls exposing quite a good amount of cleavage with their busty boobs. I got fucking turned on coz of what my own mom was sending me.


This game between us was somehow taking a very adventures turn and was fuckin turning me onn so much now. I had a full on erection and couldn’t wait to touch myself over the thought of my mom herself sending me pics of hot women.
I went up to lock my door, took off my pants and started to touch myself. It fucking felt too good. My erection was throbbing. I texted her, “ More please, and a little more Boo..”.


I couldn’t write the word BOOBS completely, as I thought it might offend her. Even written incompletely made me a little nervous about how would she react, but to my surprise she replied, “Ok young man, looking for it”.
I got damned relieved that she was cool about it and this new kind of frankness turned me onn even more. She then sent me huge cleavage pics of girls in loose low-neck tank tops bending with a sexy pose. I couldn’t believe mom could be this naughty.
She then texted, “Enough?”.


Luckily, that enough was not the one which was to end the game, it was rather to ask me if i was I done, or needed more.


I replied, “No! hot As. Now”.


This time I progressed and asked for some Ass, with the incomplete word again. I was getting more and more open with her.

She texted back, “ Ok, let me see”.


I got so excited over the thought of my mom looking for hot pics of girls with hot boobs and ass over the internet for her own son.
I never knew my relationship with mom could develop to such an extent. Right after about 5 minutes, my mobile beeped with 5 simultaneous massages. I excitedly picked it up, and saw hot bulging asses in sexy shorts with round cheeks visible almost completely. Fuck, I said after watching those hot pics.


Right after a minute I received another pic of a bubbly ass in just a panty. I almost came when I saw that pic. Mom sent me a pic of a girl’s ass only in a G-string panty! Mannnnn! It was hot to think of mom doing that for me.
She texted and asked again, “Enough?”.


I replied, “You are doing a great job! You shared my workload by finding girls for me, a few more in just a Bra.”


This time I felt a little more confident and straight away wrote the word “BRA”.


She replied, “Glad to hear that, ok, you got it”.


I couldn’t believe she was gonna look for girls in just bra for her own son. I was constantly touching my dick with all the excitement.
I then received some hot pics of women only in bra. I felt so horny by the taboo nature of this new game between us that I got carried away by the sexual high I felt, and just asked her, “If you don’t mind, some naked Boobs now”, and just crossed my fingers and prayed for my luck to work and she doesn’t get offended.


This time, I also straight away wrote the word BOOBS. I waited for around five minutes in a little nervousness and then received her text saying, “You really MEAN COMPLETELY NUDE BOOBS????”.


Fuck, even she used the word BOOBS with me openly now I thought with sheer excitement and replied her, “Ya”. She texted back, “Ok, pussy too?”.
I thought I’d die of excitement tonight. My cock became so erect that I thought it would burst any moment. I texted her back, “Sure! That would be great”. She then wrote, “ok”. She then sent me around ten pics of completely nude women touching themselves with FUCK ME expressions.
One of the girl even had a finger in her pussy. I fucking came right there. I thought one way or the other, mom too must be feeling horny and excited, the way she kept on fulfilling my demands, rather than objecting at any point. She texted and asked, “Enough for today?”.
I replied, “Sure ma’am, great job, well done”. She then texted, “did you touch yourself?”. I got shocked with a pumping heart over this text. I thought let’s see, I should just tell her the truth. I replied, “Yes ma’am”. She texted back, “Did you cum?”. I replied, “Yes ma’am, thanks to your choice”.
She texted back, “I am glad to hear that, good for you, now clean up and sleep, I don’t want your cum to dry up on the sheets, it might get difficult to wash it then”.


This text mentioning my CUM gave me another hard on instantly. I texted her back, “Sure mom, would clean before I sleep, Good night”. She replied, “Good night my horny baby, sleep well, you must be feeling tired now”.


I was so excited that I stroked myself again. Mom was also turned on for sure I thought. She did not ask me to stop at any point, she rather made the game more hot.
In the morning, I woke up and the thought of whatever happened last night immediately scattered my mind and gave me goosebumps and my dick went from semi hard to super hard.


I waited for around 10 minutes for it to go down, so I could go down too, to finally face mom and to have breakfast.
When I was finally down, mom was sitting on the sofa having her morning tea. As soon as she saw me, she grinned and winked at me. I felt current passing through my body with her gesture.


I was also a little surprised as she was wearing a short sea green robe, that just ended before her knees, allowing her hot thighs to be visible. It was also allowing me to see her beautiful cleavage too. It was not a sight I was used to of seeing often, it was rather the first ever instance. I had never seen mom in such a hot and revealing outfit before.
I sat down in front of her and she asked me with a naughty smile, “Someone had a great time last night?”. I shyly put my head down, smiled and replied, “sure, someone really did, and may wish to have again tonight”.


She raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes. After watching me like that for a couple of seconds, her grin came back and she said, “Then someone needs a heavy and powerful breakfast for that”. she excited me again with her comment.
She got up and fixed me some heavy but yummy stuff containing a lot of eggs and milk. While I was having it, I casually asked her about the outfit she was in, and she replied, “it’s from the days your father was around, didn’t think I’d wear such stuff again, but just wanted to, last night”. It was another shock, I was right perhaps, she was horny too last night.
I then left for my college and stuff and came back in the evening. We had our dinner and a little casual talk and then I deliberately walked into my room upstairs rather than sitting with her for a longer time.
I didn’t know who was to initiate the game we started last night, and the excitement of it was becoming overwhelming. I was already nude below waist and waiting for things to get started. I couldn’t text her first as I was a little shy and she took her time too.


Finally around 12 in the a.m., my phone beeped. I excitedly picked it up anticipating it to be mom, and I was right. She just asked, “Slept?”.
I replied, “how could I?”. then she asked, “U need help again?”. I replied, “I would love that”. she texted, “ok”.


She again sent me pics of nude girls and I again touched myself over her sent material. We both were very turned onn while the pictures were getting searched and sent by her and continued to be commented on by us both in an explicit way.
Finally after half an hour, I asked her, “Now I need the hottest one to Cum to”. She didn’t send me anything for around 10 minutes. I supposed she was looking for the perfect one.


Then my phone beeped, I picked it up, and just couldn’t believe what I saw. It was HER own pic! In the same short robe I saw her in while breakfast, sitting on her bed with all the lights in the room on, bending in front until her boobs were in contact with her bent knees, and exposing a huge amount of cleavage, made by her bulky round firm boobs in a black net bra she wore underneath, with a grin on her face.


I could hardly believe what I saw. I was simply dumbstruck, with my mouth open and my dick ready to smear cum all over the bed sheet.
It was just an amazing pic! Couldn’t believe my mom wanted me to Cum to her own pic, which I did within 5 seconds.


She then texted me, “ How about this one?”. I replied, “I just came, would that be enough to appreciate what u sent me?”. She wrote, “ I knew my boy would love these BOOBS more”. Fuck, that was a hot reply I must say. We then said our goodbyes and slept. I kept on thinking about the last pic she sent me while trying to sleep.
Next morning I saw her in even shorter robe with a little more cleavage and the outlines of her bra inside visible. We both found it hard to make an eye contact, and just kept on smiling without talking much.

She served me same kind of heavy breakfast as she did yesterday and while serving, she whispered coming close to my ear,” You need more energy after last night”, and smiled. I started to blush.


I hated the girls in my college when I recalled mom’s last night pic, as she surpassed them all, the way she still looked even at this age.
That night, I left for my room even earlier, and texted myself first, “I feel like you must resume your new duty now”. She replied, “Wait then, let me change first”.


I knew she was going to change into this morning’s hot robe again and that thought alone raised my dick. After about 15 minutes, I started receiving the nude pics of famous pornstars, but I was more interested in the cherry on the top today, like the one I received yesterday.


Again after about half an hour or so, I asked her, “the best one now, waiting desperately”. She replied, “hmmmm”.


After a couple of minutes, I received a pic. It was her wearing the hot black silk robe I saw her in this morning. Her robe’s right shoulder strap was down to her elbow which tilted her robe downwards to the right side, and her right boob was completely visible in her hot black net bra with a huge cleavage line. She just made the ooooops expression.


Fuck!!! I wanted to cum right there, but today, I wanted to see how far my luck worked and wanted her to expose herself more to me.
I texted her, “Love it, How about the other one too now”.

I then received another pic, In which both her straps had been let loose and her boobs in the bra were completely visible, with a fair part of her wonderful flat belly too. She was looking towards the ceiling and had one of her hand behind her neck, which made her pose even sexier.


It was really hard not to cum, still I managed somehow. She was making me go crazy over herself. I just wanted more and more of her. She almost felt like an addiction.
I then dared and texted her, “what about the part DOWN BELOW now”. She was a little surprised with my text I guess and asked, “Down Below???”,


I replied, “Ya”. My mobile then beeped after 3,4 minutes and I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, her feet were on the floor spread wide apart and she was holding the down end of her robe to her upper belly exposing her black net panties, with her hot chubby milky white thighs, looking into the camera with a serious face.
I was just loving the way she exposed herself to me. She asked, “Enough?”, I replied, “No ma’am, some boobs now”.


She replied, “but you already saw them”. I texted back, “no ma’am, I didn’t see them yet”.


I think she got the hint that I was talking about her boobs completely nude. She asked, “are you sure about wanting to see them that way?”, I replied, “I am dying to ma’am”.


She then sent me a pic after about 15 seconds. She had pulled her boobs completely out if her BRA!!!!!. Her robe was just sitting loose on her waist. I loved her big naked round boobs and those big creamy nipples.I couldn’t believe I was watching my own mom nude.


Without asking, I got another pic of hers, after about five minutes. Her panties were gone and her pussy was held wide apart by the fingers of her right hand. She looked sideways and didn’t look at the camera, and her face looked very serious, coz of the embarrassment she felt I guess.


I almost fainted watching her exposing her lovely pink fleshy pussy to me.
I then received another text from her, “I knew you would ask for it too, so I sent it before u did, I thought we had already gone too far, so ….”.


I texted her back, “Mom, I can’t express you in words how much I appreciate that you even considered me deserving to see the most beautiful body in the world that only you own”.


She replied, “Its only YOU in the world that I love the most, only and only YOU have the right to see Me bare. Only YOU are the deserving one and I give this right to no one else on this earth but only to my son. Only you were there alone for me in this life when I went through distresses, when I needed to share my feelings with someone, when I wanted to feel someone’s warmth and needed to be consoled by someone. So today, I give this right only to you, that you can not only see me like this but also use me whatever way you please, if you’d like to do that. I don’t care what’s right or wrong, I just hand over whatever I got, to you today”.
I could not believe what I read. Mom was allowing me that I could even have SEX with her if I wanted to, besides watching her completely nude and the message also contained such beautiful words that I even felt a little emotional after all that horniness and felt like I just wanted to hug my beautiful mom with all my force for hours and hours on. It was today I truly realized how beautiful my mom was not in just her physical appearance but also within the heart.
I was way too overwhelmed by her, only giving ME the right to see her raw, touch her, and feel her up completely as she offered her most precious treasures only to me. I had no words to reply her back, yet I tried. “mom, I don’t know what to say, the expression of your love for me just made me run out of all words. I always thought dad was the unluckiest person alive to have lost you, but never thought I would become the luckiest. I don’t know if I deserve you, but sure would want to feel and love every inch of your beautiful body tonight, if you would like that”.


she texted back, “I am all yours honey, not just for tonight, but for eternity. You can love me, use me whatever way you like and don’t ever mention your father again, YOU are my true husband from now”.
I replied, “can I come to your room mom?”. She texted back, “you don’t have to ask from now on, you can come anytime whenever you feel like having me, and just call me Sam when we are alone and no one is watching”. Sam was short for her name Samantha.
I just couldn’t believe I could have my own mom to have my first sex with tonight. I had never even imagined before that things would work out this way.


All I wanted now was to just kiss every inch of her body and to show her how much I loved her. I thought for a while of how to go down, fully dressed, half dressed, just in underwear, or what. Them I decided to simply go to her nude.
I took off the shirt that only remained on my body, and started to move towards her room down the stairs. It was the first ever instance I was walking completely nude in my house. I felt goosebumps all through the way as I walked towards her bedroom door.


When I finally reached it, I knocked. She calmly asked me to please open it in a moderate to low voice.
As I opened the door, the light of the room was dim, the room smelt of an erotic perfume and she was sitting on the bed resting her back on it waiting for me.


She just wore her black net bra and panties and her dark black silky long hair were left untied. When I had finally opened the door and slowly started to walk towards her, she very slowly raised her head and eyes to look towards me.


Her eyes stopped over my long hanging dick, and just got glued there as I walked. She kept on looking at my cock with a serious face. Than after I finally reached by her side, she raised her head to look at my face .
She just smiled rather a little nervously when our eyes met and started to slide herself down on the bed to lie straight on her back as if offering herself to me while continuing to look into my eyes and smiling. She took her left arm behind her head, exposing her beautiful armpit which was clean shaved.


She just glanced back towards my cock again and started to caress it with the fingertips of her right hand, avoiding her long painted nails as to avoid hurting it. She just whispered smilingly, “never knew you were this long”.


She raised herself after sometime, reached my cock with her face, just raised her eyes to look into mine, and asked whispering, “Can I kiss it”. I just nodded in nervousness. She looked back towards my dick, closed her eyes and started to shower beautiful lazy kisses on it everywhere.
I immediately realized that for the first time in life my dick was being kissed by someone and started to moan lightly, over the sensation I felt down there. I gained full erection as she continued to kiss, and then watching my dick raised fully, mom looked into my eyes again, opened her mouth, and took the complete cock inside her warm juicy mouth while still looking directly into my eyes.


She started to suck my cock in and out of her mouth and I felt as if I was in a dream. I then held her head to stop her, took out my cock from her mouth, and started to lay my body on her on the bed.
I was on top of her feeling the warmth of her nude body with mine as we looked into each other’s eyes for some time. I took my lips close to hers. When they finally met, I took my tongue inside her warm mouth. We closed our eyes, started to smooch and savor each other’s saliva.


While kissing, she rose her boobs, took both arms behind, and undid her bra. I just took my eyes down to see the most beautiful boobs ever and started to lick her perfect nipples. She started to moan and caress my head lovingly.
I then moved downwards kissing her everywhere. When I finally reached her pussy area, she herself rose her hips and took the panties off. I right away took her wet opened pussy lips in my mouth and started to lick her completely.


Her moaning became out of control. After about a couple of minutes she violently rose her back from the bed, asked me to come up, and then when I did, she took my dick in her mouth again to make it super hard.


She then said, “Fuck me”, with dizzy eyes, in a begging manner.
We positioned ourselves, she held my dick in the proper place and just smiled looking into my eyes as if asking me to finally enter her pussy and fuck her own mother.


I finally pushed my cock in her lovely pussy. It felt very tight and slimy as my cock made its way in slowly. She just closed her eyes tightly, as if she felt a lot of pain and moaned slightly with tightly closed lips. After all she was getting fucked after so many years. I Just loved the way my mom’s pussy was gripping my cock.
I started to move in and out of her with her moans growing load. She grabbed my face and started to suck my tongue violently and dug her nail into my back as she was reaching her orgasm rather quickly. Even I felt like Cumming not long after I entered her pussy and finally I came inside her. She had cum almost at the same time, therefore her grip on my back loosened too.
We were panting after our orgasms and lying still hugging each other. She kissed my head lovingly several times as I lied over her.


My dick, which was already inside her started to grow again after a little while and she whispered into my ear to Fuck her again if I wanted to, as she could feel my dick hardening.


I again started to move my dick in and out of her and therefore we fucked and came again.
We finally parted, and I could see my dick covered in a mess of both of our juices. When I was about to leave the bed, she caught my hand and said, “Wait, let me clean u”.


she took my limp dick inside her mouth and sucked all the juices clean. She than winked at me and said, “Now you can go and please have some milk before you sleep, you need it, It’s in the fridge.”


We both smiled looking at each other and then I left her room closing the door. As I roamed my house nude again, I couldn’t believe that I was just coming back after Fucking my own mom, and that I was no longer a virgin anymore. She was the best lover anyone could ever have I thought and just dropped in my bed all worn off after having the milk as she asked.